Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy's Coming

Well they say the storm is coming. My plans of blogging and updating/making new things for my classroom have gone out the window ... Replaced with putting away everything that's outside and getting the house ready for the storm. Laundry is being done, rooms are being cleaned (yes I want a clean house for the hurricane what can I say?!?) and all of my electronics are being charged. They are saying the storm surge can be as high as 12feet and the winds can be gusting over 70 miles an hour.

Thankfully the mayor realized the severity of this storm and as of 11:30 this morning school was canceled for tomorrow. My daughters nursery school already closed for Monday and Tuesday and there is a rumor that our town will reschedule Halloween for Saturday. Power outages are expected to be in the thousands and of course the ten flashlights I own are currently hiding or as I like to say I put them away in a VERY safe place!

Last year we were hit by hurricane Irene which took out two huge trees on my property. One of which crushed my daughters swing set and the other tool out the cable and power to our house and blocked the whole front of the house. Thankfully we weren't home. With no large trees on our property I hope we will make out better this time.

On that note it's back to preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. To all my fellow east coasters I hope you stay safe and dry during this storm. I will "see" you all after the storm!



  1. You are in my prayers (along with all the other East Coasters)! Stay safe and I hope Sandy leaves quickly!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  2. Stay safe, Stephanie! I will be thinking of you! You know you won the kindergarten poke title at my FB page? Well, please take care and don't worry about the dishes right now!

  3. Our prayers from MN were with you during Sandy!

    I am nominating your blog for the new blog Liebster award. See my blog for details.