Saturday, September 1, 2012

Operation Clean Room - Day 4 and Some Other Stuff

Ok first up - pictures.... I owe you some pictures of my classroom....  As you know I've been working really hard on my classroom. On Thursday I tried something new - I used liquid starch (which I was able to find at Walmart) and fabric to cover my bulletin boards. Check out these before and after shots!

I am LOVING this purple!! It looks soooo pretty. The middle board turned a bit brown unfortunately. Under the fabric is a peg board and, well, let's just say its not exactly new. I'm thinking that I should have primed the board before I put the fabric onto it, but I'm not really sure I'm allowed to paint anything so I just let it be as is. I did hang a few things on it already - my attendance pocket chart, my calendar and my weather board that I made (no I did not get pictures, sorry!)

So those are the before and after shots of my front boards (and you can see the mess is almost gone!) Now check out my two side boards....

Isn't this green fabric AMAZING?!?! It looks like an old school green chalk board! I am in LOVE!!! You can see some of the old tape marks but once the boards are decorated I figure you wont see them any longer! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this board just yet... but it looks really pretty and I bought really nice pink boarder paper today to finish it off. I also bought some fun letters to write across the board - My 1st Day of Kindergarten.... How cute will the kids look standing in-front of this board for their beginning of the year pictures!

I also remembered to get a picture of my walk in closet:
There are shelves behind the door. Those shelves now house 6 remaining baskets of books and all the extra/duplicate phonics pieces. The shelves that would be right ahead of you if you were walking into the closet are going to be all my art supplies. You can see some small bins on the second shelf down with yellow post-it notes on them - that is the beginning of my organization plan! The shelves to the left are going to be a place to keep all the supplies the kids bring in... now this picture was taken at the end of day 3 and I have to say at the end of day 4 this closet is 3/4 of the way done! I'm super excited, but unfortunately it's crunch time so I have to put my closet renovation/organization on hold so I can get the rest of my room done.

So I have one last "project" to share with you... today I was busy busy busy out doing lots of fun things with my little one, but also getting some supplies and items for my classroom. At one of my many stops today I had to laminate ALL my new stuff...
That my friends is 51 FEET of laminated items that now all need to be cut out... so what are you doing tomorrow? Want to come over and cut out what looks like a million different items?!?!? I do have to say that it only cost me $14 so I'm not complaining, but I wish they had a drop off service so someone else could cut everything out.

Ok my friends I must say goodnight for now... but I promise to post some more fun stuff soon and I have a few items I'm working on for my store that should be done soon!

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  1. Thank you for your advice. I can't believe how much room you have for storage! We are very limited where I teach. I also love the idea for covering your bulletin boards. And yes, I would love to have you join my next giveaway. I've got your email, so I'll let you know when it it. Have a great Labor Day!

  2. The fabric looks awesome and what a great idea! I used fabric this year too but didn't even think of liquid starch, brilliant! I found your blog while I was hopping around and wanted to stop by! I am your newest follower and would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance!!! PS best of luck cutting all the lamination! I ALWAYS find a parent volunteer (that has passed a previous cutting test LOL) to do the cutting!

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